Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wow - the Times goes pro-cycling

"In an age of urban congestion and fears over CO2, we want more people on bikes. If most manage not to get knocked off them, all the better. London has a bicycling mayor and soon Britain may have a bicycling prime minister. And yet, throughout our cities, provision for cyclists remains perfunctory at best, and lunatic at worst. If we are to have cycle lanes, they must be wider. Where possible, they should also have curbs. Painting boxes is no better than ticking them".

Maybe we should be looking to Denmark as a role model...

In an effort to double the number of cyclists nationwide by 2014, the government is planning to put 2 billion kroner into a new pool created to improve conditions for cyclists.

And with city councils getting up to 50 percent of their bicycle-related expenses reimbursed through the proposal, the government expects the total funding going into cycling improvements over the next five years to reach almost 3 billion kroner.

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