Thursday, September 24, 2009

Really odd dream. I remember a prisoner being held by the police with hundreds of people around to ensure this prisoner didn't escape - the hundreds came from the police, the armed forces, various uniformed youth organisations, such as ATC.

The army chap in charge was a spy - i knew but nobody else did. It was all set on an island that had ruined buidlings gradually returning to the wild (orford ness?) a massive thunder and lightning storm going on aorund us, but no rain.

The army chap in charge took the policewoman with the prisoner and put a gun to her head. His intent was to free the prisoner without letting anyone know he was a spy for the enemy. He took everyone prisoner and made us all stand where he could control us. I was getting worried now.

I scanned the faces of the poeple - many of whom were kids who didn't know their lives were in serious danger. Then - looking through a gap in some trees we saw two spacheships landing. I was talking to someone nearby, does this mean aliens are landing? Now I was scared. What if they decided to kill us all? Would we be able to run away?

The aliens turned out to be friendly - and the rest of the dream involved their exporations of the planet. They were given a plane to explore in and chose to drive it into a tunnel - it got seriously damaged but amazingly turned into a large mchanical dog and ran everywhere with the aliens sitting inside.

All this turned out to be a John Walters movie I was watching with a couple of friends. I was tearful at the end and the girl sitting next to me asked me what i thought and i gave it four out of ten, which she didn't believe, although the guy on the other side of her gave it five.

Something else about pushing a shopping trolley - heavy and boring - somehow i couldn't do it - too tired - approached a large square with loads of people waiting for buses, etc.

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