Saturday, September 12, 2009

I was back to a 5 day week this week, and it was pretty hard-going. for a start I was back on the bike, and my fitness has taken a backward step, so I just about managed 4 days...building up now for next year's ambitious plan for completing between 8,000 and 10,000 is settling down now though it won't go back to how it boss...changes are definitely afoot. It's now time to make the local managers take responsibilty in their own areas, and I get more involved in top level stuff, strategic planning, policing the lines, procedures and guidance, etc...
So I was pushing it - working late on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...still in the office at eight....then cycling home (catching Maconie and Radcliffe walking Adrian's Wall, and brilliant Richard Hawley session on thursday), getting in about ten, cooking and eating, watching a DVD (Bang!Bang! Reeves and Mortimore's 1999 series), washing, tidying up a bit, logging onto the internet, all before getting into bed around one.

Booked a ticket to see the new independent sci-fi film, "Moon", with a Q&A session by the director, Duncan Jones....and what an unassuming down to earth bloke he is...I'd have expected a spoilt brat at the very least...but not at all. Jones has worked his way up from assisting a director, through the advertising industry, eventually working for Ridley Scott's company, and now into movies...I think he may just end up being as culturally important as his dad, maybe more so.

The film was written for Sam Rockwell, the character's called Sam, and Rockwell is just about the only actor in it, and what a great performance from him! It's about loneliness, as well as personal identity....the film didn't go where i expected it to the film for was low budget with no obvious CGI effects...if you love British sci-fi but always wish that it was done with a bit of loving care and attention, and involving actors who understand that projecting to the audience is not always appropriate, then this film is for you. References to Bladerunner, Outland, Alien...all films I loved as a child...and earlier films, Solaris and Silent Running.

Anyway - I'm not into spoilers - go and see it - it's out now; in London you can see it at the Prince Charles in Soho.
Unfortunately missed Nick Cave talkign about his new book in London on Wednesday, and was too tired to go to the SELFs meeting in London Bridge on Thursday...but I'm really glad I pulled it together for Friday!
Left the Prince Charles at 11.30, and immediately found myself transported into the Land of The Drunk, Leicester Square has become an alien space for me, especially as I'm sober, most people about half my age or therabouts: doesn't anyone my age go out any more?
The woman who sat opposite me on the train in a nice, elegant, jacquard shift dress, her knees banging against mine as she dropped into place on her seat, then sat slumped, mouth open with distressed expression on her face....her phone rang and she declared that she felt sick...clearly very drunk....i spent the rest of the journey with gritted teeth, trying to hide in my copy of the Fortean times, but keeping an eye on the potential vomit machine slumped in front of me.
Luckily she fell asleep, and did not vomit, though she did miss her stop at Eltham and followed me off at Welling after some guy woke her up.
I had to push my way off the train past more slumped drunks who wouldn't or couldn't move out of the way...into the refreshingly cool Welling air, to join in with the Zombie walk towards Welling High Street. I was probably the only one not completely shit-faced, but so tired it hardly made any difference.

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