Sunday, June 05, 2011

Area 51 article

I've been interested in Area 51 for some time now. My fascination started back in early 90s when I was a full on conspiracy and UFO nut. Now, as a Fortean, I'm interested in the whole phenomena of conspiracy - how they work as self confirming evidence free faith based systems - like religion. though evidence is collected, it is not examined or considered in any systemic or rational way. It can be interpreted in two ways. The fact that Area 51 was off the maps and utterly secret fuelled all the nonsense about aliens and spacecraft being studied there. now that the base is gradually being opened up, well that too will be evidence for government dastardly doings - of course the government are just trying to gloss over the truth, don't you see?

To further indulge in weirdness and demythologising the mythologies - I will be attending the Fortean Times organised Uncon event in November. Already quite excited.

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