Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cyclists using Olympic lanes risk £200 fine | News

Cyclists using Olympic lanes risk £200 fine | News

"They face a £200 fine if caught riding in the routes reserved to speed VIPs across the capital.

Many key roads, such as the A40, Victoria Embankment and Marylebone Road, have been included in a 108-mile, £25 million Olympic Route Network.

Many pedestrian crossings will be shut, right-turns banned, traffic lights phased and bus lanes suspended on the network. Almost half of the roads will have their outside lanes designated "Games lanes", designed to shuttle 82,000 athletes, officials and media staff between venues."

Seems like for a few weeks the tube will be too crowded to use and the roads too dangerous to cycle on. It occurs to me though that this might be a good chance to really fuck the traffic up big time, after all, if we have to get out there with the big traffic, and if we get fined for giving way, then what option do we have but to keep pedalling away at 12 mph (on average) with all the buses, lorries, and taxis stuck behind us.

Should we have an anti olympics critical mass? Should we head out to Stratford to protest the gagging order in force around that part of London?

It could be fun.

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