Thursday, June 16, 2011

BT Infinity

I'm not advertising, or endorsing, just saying that I've got it. If it's crap I'll say so, and if it's good, well, so it bloody well should be.

So far though - 2 days in - just really pleased to have a normal broadband connection. Been catching up with my podcast backlog. My usual stuff such as Skeptic's guide, Dr Karl, Adam & Joe, in Our Time, collings and herrin, Mark Kermode, etc.

Also downloaded Springwatch episodes - I've always hated missing Springwatch. It used to be such an important part of spring/early summer for me and, I hope, my step-daughter when she was still a kid. that and Buffy - the only programmes we watched together.

anyway - now I have no excuse for not keeping my blog up to date.

I'd like to tell Mr Piggles to fuck himself, frankly, but you have to be polite on CIF

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