Sunday, June 26, 2011

Excrement From My Camera

I'm pleased to say that the infection in my nose has gone away as a result of shit-loads of anti-biotics that I've been taking. Had a couple of dodgy mornings though the week where I woke up with terrible headaches, but essentially, am getting better.

Managed to cycle to work and back every day except one morning, giving me 95% - the best I've managed since before I was seriously ill at the end of last year.

Dunwich Dynamo - Bring it On!!

I've had a good week on the net - with the BT connection really doing it's job - full on Twitter and full on blog. Took to trying to find a backlog of youtube footage, mainly old music and live performances - I've got two years worth to catch up on, and have subscribed to all my fave podcasts. Now it's mainly a diet of news, science and discussion, plus film and music and quite a lot of comedy.

This week I mainly watched Sopranos (final season), Buffy (series 6), Weeds (series 2), Phenomena by Argento, and some Glasto footage - Pulp 1995 & Morrissey 2011.

10 eccentric dwarfs live next door to me?

Thanks to Morrissons, this weekend's meals sorted for less than £2.00

This rather racey young lady has been propping up the bar for decades now, but I just noticed her this week.


my life in drugs - this week's prescriptions.

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