Friday, June 17, 2011

A Cycle Ride in Thamesmead and Thames Side

I went down to Thamesmead a couple of weeks ago to help out on a stall for the Bexley branch of the LCC. It was a little fair organised by the Local authority, I think, with mainly bric a brac stalls raising money for various groups. I took part in a little cycle ride tour orgainsed for the children, just around nearby bits of Thamemead. I've been through Thamesmead on the main road, and along the Thameside path many times, but never before actually into thamesmead itself.

some links:

Initially I struggled to find a way in off the main road. Eventually found an overgrown footpath and walked along until it finally opened out into a cyclable path:

There has been some attempt to clean up the river front - or at least there was about a couple of years ago. I guess that it stopped as a result of some cuts. The clean up effort was never seen through to the end, and now it's going to gradually get worse again, I guess.

Thamesmead is full of horses - all friendly and attention seeking:

I found this horse on a roundabout. I was slightly scared when standing here:

Some arty type shots around the cement works:

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