Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hack charge teenager has Asperger's | UK news |

The court heard that Cleary is of high intelligence but is agoraphobic and has difficulty interacting with other people. But Mr Cooper's request to the prosecution to reconsider the bail appeal was denied.

This seems to be another clear case of an AS sufferer with huge intelligence receiving little or no support from the authoritiies, no guidance and no clear boundaries, suddenly find themselves in deep shit without clearly understanding why.

The state says we can't afford to help people like me, even suggesting we should accept lower salaries for not being entirely "normal" at work , but then comes down like a ton of bricks when we put a foot wrong. Really? We can afford to arrest, hold, prosecute and deport these people, but not a little bit of counselling. That's really fucked up!

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