Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry to bore you with my dreams, but I need to write them down somewhere.

Woke up after dreaming about travelling around Ireland - I mean literally around - in a ferry. I was then in a pub talking to some Irish people and said I'd been to Dublin. They bought me a drink on the strength of this. then i said I'd also been to I was lying.

there was a lego Euston Station, on wheels. I wondered why all lego versions of things were on wheels. Then outside the real Euston Station with a famous and attractive Irish woman. she'd been called up my my colleagues to asnwer questions as part of a consumer survey. She hung up so I leapt in and asked her the same questions. she was cooperative.

I wondered why the sudden obsession with all things Ireland. Getting up and seeing post - a lot of post - I picked it up and found a postcard from my parents, on holiday in Wales, and the final line was "where the ferry sets off to Ireland". Just one of those bizarre instances of synchronicty I guess.

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