Sunday, October 02, 2011

As usual, I'm neglecting this blog. Partly it's due to being completely besotted with Twitter, even now.

One thing I like about Twitter is it's immediacy. If I decide to go off on one about a particular subject then I can, with no need to wait until I have time to work up a complete article, instead dashing off a series of text message length missives, as few or as many as I feel appropriate.

I tend to look outside of myself for inspiration, but once I'm off, I'm right off. on one. In the old days i used to rant at the telly. So now instead of shouting at the optical illusions that appear on the screen in front of me, I comment via Twitter. Programmes seemingly designed to provoke me being Newsnight, Question Time, the Culture Show, and Jools Holland's Later.

Latest Twitter Stats

People seem to like it judging by the inexorable rise of the Laughing Noam.

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