Thursday, October 06, 2011

stinkpipes and kitchen renovations

I got back on the bike yesterday just to see if I could. But no, the knee still hurts. It's OK for a while and then it starts to hurt as if someone's sticking something sharp into the bits where my leg bones join up.
Have been concentrating on stinkpiping this week, desperately trying to take advntage of the literally hundreds of extra hits I've been getting thanks to my BBC 6Music appearance on Saturday, which by the way, I have downloaded, but sll not listened to.
Incidentally - have recently discovered a tape of a previous radio appearance of mine, the time I was interviewed for Radio One Newsbeat after organising the south London morning Critical Mass protest - where four bike rides headed from the four compass points of London, and met up to form one mighty cycling gathering in the centre somewhere. I have it on a tape and will at some point digitise it and stick it on my Youtube channel, and here, of course.
Anyway knee is not going to get better by itself so its time to see the doctor, which i hate. I feel serious twinges now just sitting down, though, curiously, walkin's fine.
I had to go to chislehurst yesterday where I own a property which I let out (yes I am an accidental landlord, anyone want to buy a house above a shop?). The tenants there are planning to stay for quite a while yet so I feel its worth investing in them, and making their life there as happy as is reasonable. To that end I have this year, fitted a new boiler (the old one was unlikely to make the next winter, and was beginning to break down a lot), renovated the bathroom (bath was literally falling apart and I don't blame them for getting sick of the purple coloured bathroom suite that was in there from when I bought the property), and now, have renovated the kitchen too. Hopefully, it's all done by now and I get to see it at the weekend. We have also forced the leaseholder (housing association) to re-pave the balcony, and the tenants themselves have substantially redecorated, with me footing the bll for paint and that.
They were on the edge of leaving at the start of the year, so my investment should pay back many many times over next 5 years. And if they move out in the meantime, well I've got a rather nice house to move back into when I am able to.
I'm taking the bike out on Sunday to go out to chislehurst again to see the kitchen, but on the way I'm going to amble about in SE London finding stinkpipes, locating them on the Stinkpipe map, and also attemtping to chart the course of our rivers, such as the quaggy, to see if there is any relationship between stinkpipes and the rivers. I suspect we'll see a dense cluster of stinkpipes around all our rivers. But we shall see.
If the knee doesn't make it then I'll have the railway and walking to fall back on, and still be able to ride the bike on the downhill bits!

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