Sunday, October 02, 2011

Some Good Tweeters to Follow


That's all for now - I'll try to do this regularly. I feel slightly bad for all the excellent Tweeters that I haven't mentioned, but I'm hoping I'll get round to everyone over time. The analiensaturn link didn;t work, but go to twitter and search for him, or use Google. I'll fix it when I get chance. (ie, never).
A lot of Tweeterers like to send out recommendation under the hashtag (a word/ label with a #hashtag in front of it) of #FF - follow friday. I don't do this, I really have no idea how they find the time. What I do is put out a blanket recommendation for people to follow the Tweeters I RT on a regular basis. If I'm RTing someone week in and week out, then it must be because they're good /  interesting / groovey / funny - or something I like at least.

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