Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Austerity Cook Book 2: tripe curry

 1. buy cheap tripe - i got this lot for 59p
2. boil it for about an hour

Boiled Tripe: fruits of capitalsim for the very poor

3. fry onions

onions frying. In a pan. 

 4.add spices and fry

Cumin, Coriander & Turmeric

5. this was the icky bit - making up the tamarind paste - next time i'm just going to buy it ready made.

Knackered tamarind

6. Mix it all together and fry, with a little tomato puree


7. add water from the saucepan you cooked the tripe in

soggy masala

 8. add special secret ingredient
9. add garlic, ginger and tripe

an enormous garlic bulb; smaller garlics are available

 10. cook for a bit

looking shite

finished - now who's hungry? No-one? 
11. fucking eat!!!

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