Friday, February 11, 2005

Airstrip One

After the nice things I said about Wharf Cycles - the bike shop I use on the Isle of Dogs - I went to collect my bike after work and found they'd shut early. I couldn't get my bike back, which left me having to use shitty public transport (a bus, mainly) to get home. The 321 is a truly shitty bus. It's always vandalised, generally filled with Chavy kids, seats in an appalling state, ripped up, loose, with food and wrappers, drinks etc spilled all over and around on the floor.
What I have to endure eh?

I managed to get my bike back this morning though, after another appalling ride on the 321 bus, this time full of elderly types getting on and off at every bloody stop. But at least the repair only cost 6 squid. Wharf Cycles are back in my good books!

The US still has 480 nuclear weapons in Europe, according to a survey by the Natural Resources Defense Council, based in Washington DC. 300 are fitted to be dropped by US aircraft, & 180 by local air-forces. There are 110 in Britain, stored at RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk; 150 in Germany at 3 bases; 90 in Italy; 90 in Turkey; 20 in Belgium and 20 in the Netherlands. All the weapons are under US control.
At the height of the cold war, the US had 7,300 short range weapons in Europe, but numbers fell sharply from the late 80s. The US have been giving the impression that only 200 US nukes remained in Europe. The question is now, why do we still have these weapons in Europe, and why do the US continue to lie about their numbers? What are the weapons for: to be used against Syria and Iran?

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