Monday, February 07, 2005

Life During Wartime

PAFC's position in the Championship is looking increasingly shakey:
But at last - they've managed to win a point.

S and I have agreed terms and the great Fat Club battle is on. I'm worried though - as even though I've managed to get down to 17 stone 2 lb, S has dropped to a stone less than she thought she was. I don't think I can compete.

Fatty new year

We went to see Ukulele Orchestra of GB on Saturday, at Shoreditch Town Hall; I loved their version of Nirvana's Teen Spirit - excellent.

Well they were supposed to be supported by "Vince Vincent and the Villains", but I suspect we didn't see them at all. Instead we saw a bloke on Ukulele and another on a clarinet performing stuff that even John Peel would have thought twice about playing, I reckon. The Easy Surrealists, Country Teasers

Before the gig S and I sauntered off to Brick Lane to have a curry. Apart from the egg curry it was more than acceptable, quite tasty in fact.
Upon arriving back at the Town Hall we claimed our free champagne and managed to grab a table close to the bar. Then we sat and bitched about everyone around us. We noted the large number of 70s fashions being worn, and in particular a bloke who had hair and sidies just like my Dad did in 1976.
On the way there we saw what must have a hundred or more coppers trying to control a mob of what could only be described as chavs, at London Bridge. At first I thought I thought it was something to do with the Millwall match up the road, but then I noticed that none of the chavs were wearing football colours, only the chav uniform of trainers and baseball cap.

Spoke to K on Sunday and have booked date to visit his new house in Spain, looking forward to it.

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