Wednesday, February 23, 2005

nothing in particular

OK – I survived. We came home and I watched the Natural History of Europe. It’s quite good – like that Titchmarsh programme on BBC1, about the Natural History of Britain, that was on last year, but without Titschmarsh. A lot of the graphics and effects to illustrate the narration, eg, images of the ice sheet towering over North London, are from that series, and are very good. But with a decent narrator, and not some egotistical nob gibbering on and poncing about in a variety of costumes and locations, the program becomes very watchable indeed. Hoorah for BBC4!
very good indeed

Cycling home yesterday - via Victoria Park, Mile End, Limehouse, Isle of Dogs, Greenwich, past the Cutty Sark, and up the hill to Blackheath - I got told by the grumpy lift operator in the Greenwich foot tunnel, that I had to turn my light off, in a tone of voice that suggested I should already know about this odd new rule, and simultaneously pointed at this notice printed on an A4 sheet stuck up on the lift wall. I'd seen the sign and it said 'no flashing lights' - and I thought, well that must be due to the fact that flashing lights can disturb some people, or maybe be an irritation for non-cycling tunnel users. So I said "the sign says flashing lights and my light isn;t flashing". He said that was a mistake and all lights should be turned off. I didn't like to ask why due to the surliness of the lift operator. But what a stupid rule, and why the fuck did the bloke get so pissed off when I was clearly obeying the sign as it was then; why did he think I could read minds and know that I was supposed to turn my non-flasjing light off when the sign said flashing lights only.

Anyway the signs been ammended this morning, using tippex, to say all lights must be turned off going through the tunnel. I'm going to phone the number to find out why - must remember to write it down next time I go through.

Trying to buy a power supply for S’s laptop. I’ve been trying to find a cheaper alternative, but it does seem that 45 squid is the cheapest I’ll get. On the Smasung site its priced at around 55, but I’ve found a company that sells it at 45. With the VAT and postage though it’s bumped up to 60. Arseholes!

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