Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bad Cycle Day

I’ve been riding round with just a back brake the last couple of days – which is a bit hair-raising. So today I took the giant step of putting it into the repair shop. I don’t do my own repairs – I’m shit at that sort of thing. I’m getting the gears repaired too – think my cable is stretched.
My ride today took in the Sidcup bypass, the Kidbrooke Estate, Blackheath and Greenwich. All with a strong wind against me. The bike shop I use is on the Isle of dogs, it opens very convenient hours (8 to 7), is pretty cheap, and they seem to know their stuff, they’ve always done me a good job.
S is learning to knit – something she hasn’t done for years. I’ll try to photograph one of her efforts for this 'blog, if she lets me!
She’s at home today, looking after the sprog. Except that the sprog is fine now, running round the house teasing the cat, etc.
China Town is under threat apparently thanks to the high property prices. Robert Elms did an interesting piece about it this morning in the “Round Your Manor” article. We’ll being going there on Sunday to watch the New Year’s celebration, or at least the version they put on for the tourists.

Shoppers ran amok at the opening of a new IKEA store in London. apparently the people who lived nearby were desperate for the discounts being offered as the shop opened - and the ensuing crush injured a few, frightened many more. The store is shut until further notice and the discounts have been withdrawn.

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