Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Blerim Mlloja

When Blerim Mlloja was three, his mother was shot dead after being involved in anti-communist uprisings in Albania. His father put the boy into a children’s home before being shot dead too about six years ago.
After that Blerin was arrested twice and beaten up to gain information about his parents. At 15 he escaped to Britain and was adopted by a couple in Eltham called Mary Watts and Michael Reedes.
Two weeks ago it was his 18th birthday; he was called in to the Home Office’s immigration directorate in Croydon, arrested, and sent to a detention centre near Heathrow.
He’d applied to stay in the country last year, but the application was rejected. His solicitor failed to lodge an appeal, which allowed the Home Office to take the action it did.
Dr Barcroft, Blerim’s psychiatrist, wrote a report for the Medical Foundation for the care of victims of torture, arguing that he should not be deported for health reasons.
Now Blerim says he is suffering panic attacks and has thought about killing himself.
Hooray for British justice!

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