Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I support Ken Livingstone

I had a mini-hangover this morning. Only drank four pints with my friend Keef - down at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, followed by a Kebab each. Everyone is arsey on a Monday night. We were pestered at closing time in the pub, and pestered again in the kebab shop. I hate this fucking country.

S has tidied the flat so it was quite nice to be able to drink coffee and get ready in a calm and orderly environment. This doesn't include the cats who are rarely calm and orderly.

There was a wind again, enough to cause me a nuisance while cycling, but not to slow me down much. There was a lot of traffic over Tower Bridge, which slowed me down too. What cunts some motorists are. They behave as if cyclists are invisible, and jam themselves into improbably small spaces just to gain a foot on the road, which then jams up the road so much that not even a cyclist can get by without mounting the pavement.

I listened to John "the cunt" Gaunt on BBC London while cycling into work this morning. Another debate on immigration - yawn. And that Mayor Livingstone scandal rolls on yet again. He had refused to apologise yet again. Good. Fucking good on you Ken! I support you. He's called the Evening Standard 'fascist scum'. Which is what they are. I agree.
I hope he doesn't apologise. Jewish people claim to be offended by remarks made to this reporter (who happens to be Jewish). He was at a private event, uninvited, harrassing guests, and harrassing Ken Livingstone. If Livingstone lost his temper then he is justified. This reporter who claimed he was offended was in fact fucking delighted that he'd recorded Ken making this remark, and now the E.S. is intent on milking it for all its worth.
I would have gone further. Instead of comparing him to a nazi, I would have compared him to an Israeli marine, murdering Arabs, and bolstering Sharon's evil regime. and if he didn't like it he could have shoved it up his arse. Cunt!!
If Jews are offended by this then they should get real, get their fucking priorities in order. There's a fascist regime in the middle east murdering in the name of their faith. Why don't they get offended by that instead, like I am, and fucking do something!

I thank you.

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