Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Finding somewhere to take a piss in this city is not easy. Even though Westminster council have set up pop up toilets or "Telescopic urinals" in Leicester Square starting at 8pm it doesn't help me much. I had to piss on the Sidcup bypass on the way home tonight - and honestly I'd much rather use a proper toilet.

I'm intrigued by these pop up toilets though. They sit in the ground - under the pavement all day and then at eight they pop up out of the ground. My mission is now to see these things rising out of the ground. Or to stand on top of one while it comes up.

Cycling round Elephant and Castle this morning, a van edged in front of me at the give way line and I had to get out of his way before he pulled forward, otherwise his back end would have clipped me, possibly knocking me off my bike.

I had some arsehole pull in front of me yesterday up the road from Tower Bridge (Bermondsey). He pulled right out past the give way line and was waiting; I kept going but as I approached, he pulled forward. I slammed the anchors on and nearly never stopped (snow obviously affecting my brakes). Once I stopped he had stopped so I went forward again. And he went forward too. So I stopped, but now I was in front of him. He kept trying to edge forward, so I asked him to stop. He leant out of his window and told me to cross the road where we could sort it out. Sort what out I wondered? I told him what the problem was and again - he pointed across the road, said we could talk over there. I told him that the only problem was the fact that he wouldn't stop long enough to let me get out of his way. As I cycled off I told him to "f**k off c**t".

I was mad!!

Snow then - it's been snowing for a few days now, but little is laying on the ground, and none on the roads, even though the weather people keep saying that the next one will be a big one, it has so far faded back to nothing.

I've got me goggles just in case.

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