Monday, September 18, 2006

Some Urban 75 wanker has posted a feeble comment

The morons who post on Urban 75 seem to be brainwashed and thick. Too thick to realise that people may exist outside of their internet personas. I used to be a regular poster on Urban 75 until one day I woke up and realised I was wasting my time arguing with a bunch of middle class tosspots that I'd rather just ignore.
Come on you thick twat - identify yourself!
Anyway - I repeat my point - that your comment only serves to reinforce. Urban 75 and that ginger-haired Welsh wanker who runs the whole show, seem intent on associating themselves with events that are "cool". However when I've started critical mass related threads on U75 a run of posts were posted saying er...sorry, can't make it cos of work/ a trendy gig/ can't be arsed/ got no bike/ can't ride a bike/ I'll be wankered on drugs.
And I've seen very sporadic and occasional attendence of Critical Mass by regular U75ers.

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