Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I went to this event on sunday with the family. It wasn;t bad. Me and S got to ride a tandem. We were a bit wobbly.
I'm bikeless for a couple of days; my wheel is being fixed in camberwell. I do get to read more when I'm on public transport. I'm reading Anthony Summers' "Secret Life of Edgar Hoover". Summers makes the claim that Hoover - as well as being a complete bastard all his life, and blackmailed everyone to keep his job - he was a transvestite, and had been in a long-term gay relationship with another FBI employee. I haven;t got to the really good bits yet.
My MP3 player is full of Americana at the moment. I put on 60 Johnny Cash tracks, a funk cd compiled by James Brown, and a southern blues compilation. Put that with the Wilco double cd, the 50 track country compilation, & Elvis Costello's "Delivery Man".  

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