Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years

OK so its Monday again. I'm wrecked already. There's been a lot of sackings on the project I'm involved with in the last two weeks, and apparently there's more to come. I'm about to step sideways into a different job. The whole project is nose-diving and I want out.
We went to Brick Lane festival yesterday and looked at some art (not very good), and ate some curry (tasty). We didn;t eat on Brick Lane which is a bit poor these days, but in a restaurant a couple of streets away that S knew about. I'm not going to publicise it as the queue is long enough already.
The Dials were kind enough to send me a few tracks that they'd recorded. I've stuck them on my mp3 player, and have been listening to them for about a week now. The four tracks are quite varied in styles, with country, psychedlia, soul, and acid jazz all thrown into the mix. three of the tracks are particularly catchy pop songs; the other is a ballad. I've recently put 60 tracks by the Monkees on the MP3 player too, and for a second I thought a couple of the Dials tracks were Monkees tracks, till I checked the screen. I mean that as a complement, of course.
I've got my bike back - it only cost me �12 - at Edwardes, Camberwell. I was a bit shocked to see Wharf Cycles had gone.
It's the anniversary of "911" today - I put reggae on and danced through the minutes silence as a sign of complete disrespect to the United States.
I'm aware that thousands of innocents died in that attack, but they are a tiny percentage of the innocents that have died brutally and needlessly since America decided it needed an empire. It's time we started considering the hundreds of thousands that have been killed by the terrorists in the White House over the last 60 years.

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