Thursday, September 07, 2006

A letter I sent to SchNews

In a recent issue of SchNews you quoted the critical mass web address as Urban75. This is incorrect. The actual address is
I'm not aware that anyone from Urban 75 is involved with critical mass - or even takes part on a regular basis. Urban 75 are a self-serving group of middle class t**ts and do not need any more publicity than they have already.
I hope you can find space in your next issue to print the correct address for critical mass.
The Cat


Anonymous said...

urban75 has supported Critical Mass before your shitty little blog appeared - try checking out their photo archive and educate yourself, newbie.

The Cat said...

Ha! ha! This is the reason why I stopped posting on Urban - snotty little wankers like you.

This blog may have only been going a couple of years, but I've been involved with Critical Mass from the beginning.

I'm well aware of the level of band-wagon jumping going on in Urban 75 - I don't need to "educate" myself. It's a pity you didn;t identify yourself - what are you scared of?