Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Yesterday wasn;t a good day. After only three hours sleep, with a hangover, and depressed, I was expected to turn up at work, organise 4 teams and their paperwork, write an audit report, and cover for a colleague who has gone on leave. No chance!
I could barely cope and barely did the bare minumum I could get away with. Therefore no report, and a little of the other two jobs I had to do.
On the way home - with two heavy panniers I managed to break two spokes on my back wheel. That left my back wheel buckled, though I could still ride it. I had to ride carefully though, with quite a heavy load I was concerned about breaking the wheel so much that it became beyond repair.
I went home via Greenwich so I could buy food for my cats. I get this dried stuff - Hill's Maintenance diet. The few times I've dared feed them anything different I end up with an ill cat - except fresh or tinned fish of course - but I can;t afford for them to eat too much of that.
Once I was carrying the cat food, then my load was 5kg more than before, so I ended up walking a large part of the way home just to be safe. Got home at 8:30.
I made a large chllie con veggie carne, put on something more comfortable, put my feet up, and fell alseep to Futurama series 3 on DVD.

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