Friday, September 01, 2006

Gary Numan to perform Telekon in entirety!

I've only seen Numan once this year already - pretty much doing only tracks from his new album. Now he's touring doing only tracks from my favourite Numan album, Telekon. I'm quite excited about this now.

(News date: Jul 27)

I think most people will have heard some rumours or comments about this by now. For quite some time I have been concerned about those fans, most of whom have been with me for many, many years, that would like to see more older songs played live. As you are aware, my own desires have been to play less older stuff as each new album comes along, especially since '94 when things got much heavier and darker. I have struggled to come up with a solution. One that enables me to continue to play predominantly newer material at the shows and yet doesn't seem to be ignoring the wishes of those people that are a, not as interested in the newer stuff or b, do like the newer stuff but would still like to hear more older songs. So this is my first attempt at trying to do something that is some kind of a solution. In December we will play four shows where we only play songs from the Telekon album and it's associated singles and B-Sides. If this 'Classic Album' idea works I might do it again but playing songs from different 'old' albums each time. I intend to play the songs pretty much as they were originally recorded, so not massively reworked as I usually do when playing older songs. This, I hope, will give those fans exactly what they want, without me having to dilute the current album tours and shows with too many older songs. For me, knowing that these are special shows for a particular part of my fan base is also something that I can be comfortable with. As you know I hate nostalgia with a passion but this is a compromise that I can live with and enjoy. The shows will be at:

    Dec 5. NOTTINGHAM. Rock City
    Dec 6. GLASGOW. QMU
    Dec 7. MANCHESTER. Academy
    Dec 9. LONDON. The Forum

The tickets will be available on this site, at the venue, and at other outlets which I will let you know about as soon as things are set up. Hopefully that will be before I fly to America on sunday.

This idea working or not, and whether it ever happens again, is entirely down to how many fans want it and are prepared to come along. I really hope enough people are interested. " - from Numan's website.

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