Monday, September 18, 2006

after counting to ten

I've calmed down.
After I left U75 because I couldn't stand dealing with the feeble minded, they've started coming onto my PERSONAL Blog and telling me what I can and can't say. Free speech is something that most U75ers  hate - either cos they're stalinist "socialists" or because they're little neo-con robots who believe the only right the working class should have is to work 50 hours a week, and be bloody grateful for it. Otherwise Daddy's company just won't be able to get the staff.
I finally got round to buying the new Moz album, and as S is away in a former Soviet bloc country, I'm driving around in the car. That means loud stereo. I've loaded Stereolab, Bowie, The Tears, Moz and an Indie compilation in the CD player, and was playing it LOUD this morning. Moz is well on form with this new one, and I wish I'd bought it before.
Just had to help S buy a ticket to get out of Warsaw - they didn't take her card. She's been really negative about the place, calling it a shit-hole among other things.
Went to the Thames Festival yesterday - no pictures...
Reading Anthony Summers' The Kennedy conspiracy...
Watched 13 - Tzameti (2005) last night - I rated it with 5 stars on Screen Select - that's what I call a thriller, not that Hollywood shit we get fed with over here.

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