Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Aspects and Impacts

I found out that I was successful in applying for my own job. So I continue as environmental manager, the bad news being that we're being audited next month.

Back on the bike. I've set a target of 800 miles for July, and I think I've got about 50 miles to go, so should hit that tomorrow then. The bikes OK except for a persistent squeak from the front wheel, and I managed to lose my cable add-on for locking the bike up.

Had a right f***ker of a bus driver today. Well, had to go to Victoria for to see the counseller this morning. Joined the road at the lights. Lights change - I move - bendy bus behind me toots his horn...presumably so that he can get closer to the van in front of me. When he gets a chance he passes me and then pulls back in front of me really tightly forcing me to brake hard.

I pass him up the road, just before Hyde Park Corner...and take the lane. He overtakes sharply on Park Lane and pulls in really tight and makes me brake (no 2).

I overtake him just before Marble Arch - he'd stopped. He pulls out while I'm passing him in a different lane. I move right into third lane and he keeps pulling out and finally james me intot he side of the road where I couldn't move.

I finally pass him again on Oxford St and call him a f****** c*** - my temper really gone now. He wags his finger and starts shouting and waggling his head about, only I can't hear what he's saying cos he hasn't opened his window.

then further up the road I'm at lights waiting to go. Just as the red goes to orange the bus behind me beeps. Instead of going look back at bus driver and shrug. Then I go in my own damn good time!!

Went to a counseller at work today - they offer 6 sessions. The reason is stress, and I want to focus on stress arising from my AS. Somehow I'm not sure cycling to Victoria once a fortnight is going to help my stress levels to much.

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