Friday, July 24, 2009

Man, Friday!

This week has felt like a month. No electricity is no fun. Normally, in an extended power cut, I buy take away food, visit the pub, buy something chilled and wet from the supermarket. Trouble is the pubs, shops and restaurants were all powerless too - therefore shut.

So it's not been easy. cooking in the dark, going to bed early, not able to shower or wash my clothes. Even making a cup of tea was a major operation which involved burning my finger trying to pour the hot water into the cup.

I've got 2 DVDs from Lovefilm - The Machinist and a Manga film called Strait Jackets which looks great - about Demons and sourcery and that. I will try to watch one tonight, but staying awake will be a challenge.

Right now I have a headache, people in the office are making a lot of noise and have been all day. Funny that after 5 pm people start getting very loud. No chance for peace and quiet in this building. After the loudmouths have gone, in come the cleaners, bickering and shouting at each other, vaccuum going. I've been getting next to no work done. I haven't heard whether I got the job I went for. Really - I'm completely fed up.

The only good thing at the moment is my cycling. I've managed just short of 700 miles this month so far, and should easily pass the 800 mark by next Friday.

Oh hum - I've got nothing going on this weekend other than a visit to the library tomorrow for music, a bit of surfing, reading the paper, doing the Sudoku, and watching a DVD in the evening.

I'm thinking of cycling to the south coast on Sunday - it's 120 miles there and back - so I unless I feel superfit I'll probably do something a bit less ambitious.

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