Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Tuesday for Old Men

Arriving home last night I noticed that the local Turkish shop had shut early. Then I noticed all the shops were shut, and the traffic lights were broken. Thought nothing of it, except that I was annoyed that the Turkish shop had shut early.

Once indoors the lights weren't working, and the computer was off. Then I twigged, power cut. It was estimated to last three days apparently.

This slightly upset me. I couldn't have a shower, I couldn't watch a DVD, I couldn;t surf the net, I couldn't even read - with no lights working. I managed to find enough batteries to get the radio working, which kept me entertained while I cooked on the gas cooker. Then I went to bed at 10.30 and fell asleep listening to a very low key Collings and Herrin podcast in bed.

This morning the electricity came back just as I was about to go out the front door. then I had to go running about turning things off and checking that the fridge, freezer and boiler were ok.

Immediately as I arrived at work the fire alarm went off and I left the building for a further 20 minutes. then security wouldn;t let me back in unless i signed in.

It's not been my day.

On the plus side - second day in a row that I've cycled up Shooters Hill without stopping.

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