Monday, July 20, 2009


I forgot to take my phone chargers home with me on Friday so have been struggling with low power and constant beeping. I don't normally need my phones much at weekend but this was an exception.
Yesterday's ride to Canterbury was pleasant. I've only ever been there twice before, once to meet up for an RTS action in the late 90s, and the second with S and K looking to have a nice meal in Kent. On neither occsion did I get a chance to have a look round.
Yesterday, unfortunately, the town was crowded with tourists, but walked around the cathedral, an old abbey, the riverside bit, etc. I intend to go back out of season to ahve a proper look round.
In Whitstable the oyster festival was going on, so it was equally crowded. Very choppy sea. We stopped for refreshements in the harbour, F had a chocolate, and I had a revolting instant coffee from the RNLI shop.
Looked out over the sea, and we could sea Clacton on the horizon, about 40 miles away, beyone Mersea Island which I visited for the first time just over a week ago.
Set up a facebook account at the weekend. Have 5 friends now.
S phoned me while I was cycling and I didn;t pick them up till the evening, by which time I was very sleepy and batteries on the phone were at crisis point, one phone shut down, the other beeping furiously. I turned it off and went to bed. Watched extras from "The Sacrifice"
I say watched, rather I skipped through as quickly as possible to see if it was worth watching. The documentary was about the making of the film, but mainly focused on the director, Tarkovsky, who died over 20 years ago. To me he came across as pretentious and pedantic. He seemed to rely on those around him to complete his vision, wheras I tend to prefer directors who have a complete vision (eg, the Cohen Brothers, another documentary I watched last night) and use those around them to bring their vision to realisation.
Tarkovsky reminded me a little of Greenaway, another overly pedantic and pretentious director. Similarity too in stagey unrealistic sets and overly dramatic acting.
That said, I enjoyed the film, just didn;t like the director much. Couldn;t engage at all with the documentary, it mostly wound me up, so instead I watched the making of Fargo. The Cohen Brothers couldn;t be more different.

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