Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jumped Up Little Hitler

I was in an east London Sainsburys the other day - got followed by a security guard who justified why he'd picked on me as that I have two big bags with me. They were my panniers. I had to have them with me or they'd be stolen, and one of them had room for items i was buying so i didn't need to use a plastic bag. I'm not sure if it's a satisfactory result - he may have been due to transfer anyway - and he may just transfer to a sainsburys near me.

But anyway - I'm glad I challenged the guy's appalling behaviour - he wasn;t professional at all.

"Dear Sir,

I'm e-mailing you in regards to the incident which took place in store on July 22nd. We have investigated the matter regarding the behaviour of the security officer. My Deputy Store Manager has spoken to the the officer and his superiors, and as a result of the investigation the officer will shortly be transferred out of this store. I apologise for the officers behaviour and any inconveinence caused.

If you have any further questions please do contact any of the management team here at Sainsburys ------.

Best Regards,

Commercial Manager
Sainsburys ------"

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