Saturday, July 18, 2009

Twittering Crazy

As you may have noticed - in the side bar you can see my latest twitterings - or tweets i think i'm supposed to call them - i prefer twitterings. I signed up so i could keep s in touch with my Dynamo progess without txting directly. But once signed up - i've got really into it. Twice a day now i check for tweets from those i am following, and have twittered myself over a dozen times in the last fortnight.

I finished the greatest cycling week of my life last Saturday - after 0ver 360 miles I arrived back in London more or less intact, the bike too, that service really paid off.

Decided to set up a seperate blog of my cycling experiences around Suffolk - as I seem to have made it an annual event and I do quite a lot of research prior to setting off -might as well make it all available online. COMING SOON!

The Dunwich Dynamo was pretty much the same as ever except for the vastly increased numbers taking part. I was probably the fittest I've ever been but unfortunately several stone heavier than i was 4 years ago when i started.

Getting lost in London didn't help, following a German with satnav who appeared to know the route until a large group of us had gone 10km off the route didn't help either. Luckily I appeared to be the only decisive member of this group and led the way back to the DD route, only to get lost again coming out of Sudbury - only two of us this time - the guy cycled of towards Ipswich while I shouted vainly at him that he was going the wrong way. Turned back - it was getting light by now - and went back towards the actual route.

Buy the end of the DD I had cycled over 150 miles. I worked out that if I had not got lost - 1. my knee wouldn't have gone (it went after 120 miles) and 2. I would have finished at 8 am.

As it happened I finished quite a bit later than 8 am and my right knee went, slowing me up even further in the last 20 miles. But I kept going even though th rain had got quite heavy by then.

The chav aggression in Essex was subdued by previous years' standards too. Must be the recession as it was still a fine summer's evening when we set off. We all got called c*nts by a 20 year old driving a w*nk*r mobile in Epping. And I got taunted by some middle aged drunks a few miles on from there. But that was it. not bad at all.

So last Saturday I cycled the last 70 miles back to Welling through Essex. Essex loses out to Suffolk because it seems to be filled with ostentatiously rich - flash motors, electric gates, more keep out signs and CCTV, with everything looking too clean, too flash, too shiny.

And as I got closer to Tilbury roads that weren't dual carriageways became increasingly rare. I was trying to get to Dartford but just couldn't find the road I needed. I was wondering if it was even possible without getting onto the M25.

In the end I jumped on a train to London and then back out to Kent. It probably took longer, but it was easier, I wasn't going to get lost or crushed by a Sainsburys delivery lorry.

Limped back home from Bexleyheath station around 9.30 pm.

Slept for 15hours.

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