Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gloomy Sunday

No cycling for me today. The weather is shite, windy, showers, etc. I have my third puncture of the year. It's slow though, but I have to fix it. And on Friday cycling home my front wheel was making loud clanging noises.

So today I got the bike checked out - nothing wrong, unless the cones have cracked, or something. Time will tell.

I'm poised to pass the 800 mile mark around Wednesday - a personal record in one month.

Funny time of the year for cyclists. Even though I cycle all year round, the Tour de France gives us all a higher profile. I quite often get what I assume to be quite sarcastic cheering or 'encouragement' whenever i'm struggling to get up a hill, or going for it along the flat. Maybe it's not sarcastic, maybe i'm all jaded and cynical, but it sounds sarcastic to me.

Well - no cycling - but lots of surfing, on the internet that is. I discovered a site called Blip - where you can be your own DJ. Fantastic.

Look me up!!

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