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The Brute - bullying hypocrite

Anderson - after condoning torture - decides to lay in to Gordon Brown over the allegations of bullying in the workplace.
And this message appeared underneath the article.

"Bruce...short memory man
dylanatstrumble wrote:
Is this the same Bruce Anderson who Private Eye re-named The Brute after his bullying ways with a young secretary. C'mon Bruce, tell it like it really is.
Are you really The Brute?"

this is from a blog by Iain Dale, a Tory writer and broadcaster.
Defending Nadine From The Brute
Iain Dale 11:40 AM
Last night I spoke at an event organised by the public affairs consultancy Weber Shandwick. A panel of four of us mulled over what might happen under a future Tory government, and whether David Cameron would be beholden to the right. The other speakers were Andrew Haldenby from REFORM, Nadine Dorries and Bruce Anderson.

I have to say I was appalled by the behaviour of Bruce Anderson towards Nadine. Throughout her speech he interrupted, and when he wasn't interrupting he was whispering very loudly so as to put her off. The thing is, I had predicted something like this would happen, so before the event started I surreptitiously changed the seating so she didn't have to sit next to him. Anyway, Dizzy has just pointed out that Nadine has already described the evening on her Blog so over to her...
Bruce Anderson was bloody rude. When I arrived at the event, Iain went up to the top table and moved around the name places. When the Chairman asked him what he was doing, Iain said, “she’s not sitting next to him”.
In that blonde way I have it kind of went over my head, until we began to make our presentations. Everyone did their five minute introduction/speech. Bruce Anderson spent his intro berating Gillian Shephard, and then went on to state that there was not one single female MP in the Conservative party fit to be in a Conservative cabinet.
I stood to reply, at which point Bruce Anderson began to talk, loudly, to the person sat next to him, and he carried on and he did not stop. It was incredibly off putting.We then took questions. When I was asked to speak Bruce decided he would interrupt, when he was pulled up for this he then again, talked over me.
Iain lost it at this point and asked him why he didn’t shut the f**k up. I’ve never spoken on a panel quite like that before. Misogyny at its most blatant; from a man who mutters incoherently, constantly. He told me at the end of the evening that everything I had said had been wrong, which is why he had spoken over me.
“Really,"said I. “Do you think so? Because do you know what, almost every person here has just come up to me to congratulate me on how I handled myself in the midst of your rudeness and commented on what a complete misogynistic a**e you are. And I have to say, I agree. I would just have slipped the word fat in somewhere”.
I then gave him a kiss on both cheeks and left with Iain, as Bruce Anderson stood with red wine lips and teeth (easy to see as his mouth was wide open) and stared after us.
Actually Nadine got one detail wrong. What I actually said was: "Bruce will you stop being so fucking obnoxious".
UPDATE: Since I wrote this I have been inundated with 'Brute' anecdotes. I think THIS one from Paul Waugh takes the biscuit.

Bruce Anderson on New Orleans - looks like he's racist too. These extracts are from an article written by Anderson about New Orleans:
"America is founded on work, responsibility and law. This is no more important item in the Bill of Rights than the unwritten one: that each and every American has the right to work his butt off. That is the basis of another right: this year shall be better than the last year and next year will be better than this year.
Not in New Orleans: that city is founded on laziness, irresponsibility and lawlessness."
"Large numbers of the descendents of the involuntary immigrants have spurned every opportunity to invest in the American dream. It's as if they regard the work ethic as tainted, because it was imposed on their forebears by slavery."
"I suspect that at least 90 percent of the looters were from one-parent families."
"The decisions which doomed New Orleans were taken years before Bush became President, including the one to build the city in the first place."

His one excuse would have to be mental illness. Or maybe he's just joking.

It seems he's a thoroughly obnoxious character; which is surprising as he looks so pleasant in his photographs.
As reported in Private Eye (No. 1129, P.4) :
"Bruce "Brute" Anderson recently penned a flattering if somewhat barmy book review in the Spectator. The book in question, The New English Kitchen by Spectator cook Rose Prince, got high praise from the Brute - but then the review went off at a peculiar tangent.
"The Orcadian piss-pot spent paragraph after paragraph praising Lord Salisbury (aka Lord Cranborne) and his pig-breeding enterprise.
"Why so? Because over the new year Anderson gatecrashed a Salisbury family holiday in Italy and infuriated them so much with his boorish drunken behaviour that he was barred from the house. Despite much banging on doors and several pleading phone calls, the resolute Salisburys refused to let the odious Brute back in.
"Anderson is running short of grandees whose hospitality he can abuse: only a few months ago the Eye revealed a hideous incident which earned him a lifetime ban from Lord Hesketh's house in Northamptonshire. Will shameless brown-nosing in the Spectator get him back on the Salisbury guest list?"

I've edited Anderson's Wikipedia page - I've added a section entitled "misogyny"

UPDATE - My edit has been deleted. I'm guessing Brucie baby has threatened to sue Wikipedia in the past. Judging by the tiny entry Anderson has on Wikipedia, no-one has anything good to say about him, and wikipedia won't allow anything negative to be posted. They might as well delete the entry.

And as usual - the bully wins.

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