Saturday, February 27, 2010

Project Blue Beam

I used to follow apolyptic conspiracy theories quite closely. I remember Nexus Magazine first reporting HAARP - a spin off from Reagan's SDI project, a massive network of antennae in Alaska. It prompted much speculation and protest at the time. People said it was a new mega weapon designed to attack nations using low frequency waves to modify weather systems, or even to provoke earthqakes.

Inevitably, several significant earthquakes in a short space of time has caused HAARP's profile to rise again, and fears that the US is now actively using a superweapon to which we have no defence seem rife over the internet, with a #haarp list on Twitter.

It seems odd to me when the US is clearly engaged in a fight over control of the planet, exerting economic and military pressures on countries to align themselves with the dollar economy, not the Euro; to supply fuel to the west, not to China.

This war is physical and can be seen - mainly in the middle east, but also in Eastern Europe and Latin america. The US will swoop on any country that threatens stabilty but can't fight back, and use economic and diplomatic threats against the rest of us.

With this clearly visible war going on, I just do not understand why people retreat into fantasy to create futuristic space age weapons for the US to use against us.

The latest is Project Blue Beam. It ties in with an odd phenomena seen over Norway last year, and the fact that a black, charismatic liberal is now president of the USA. Two years ago the internet was alive with speculaiton of how how quickly Obama would be assassinated, or ways in which "THEY" would prevent him from exercising any power. Now he is in office and seems to be treading a very similar path to previous liberal Democrats,ie, bogged down in economic crisis, wars not of his own making, and battling to get his agenda through Congress; it seems the conspiracy internet community has switched over to believing that Obama is one of THEM. He is an agent of the anti-christ. Or something. It's fascinating. But it's bonkers.

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