Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Is Over

got up even later today. I had one pressing duty to perform today and that was to cycle 22 miles so that I didn't slip behind even further against m monthly target of 600 miles. after achieveing exaclty that I now sit at 290 miles ridden so far during February. I just have to claw back 10 miles in the next two weeks.

I worked out a three miles (and a bit) circuit around my home today - which I cycled round 7 times today. It's an enormously important step that I've taken doing this as it means I can set out to make up relatively small mileage totals when I have limited time or the weather is very poor.

It's all part of staying in the Top 5 of the Bike Radar Fourms SCS League. Currently, there are over a hundred cyclists taking part. this is my second year and I've finally reached a level of fitness where I can compete against quite seriously hardcore cyclists - in distance only.

Now I need to work on my speed. Another reason why the 3 mile circuit will work for me, as I can compare times for completion, and gradually improve over the year.

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