Saturday, February 27, 2010

MI5 can't be trusted to tell truth

Winner of the "No shit sherlock" award for February!!

The following is an edited version of the article - but I cannot be arsed putting in quotes and that sort of nonsense.

The Court of Appeal said MI5 officers had suppressed evidence of their alleged involvement in the torture of Binyam Mohamed while he was imprisoned by the United States.

The court has now ben successfully challenged by the media over decision to remove a paragraph from a draft judgment because of an objection raised by the Government.

In the restored judgment the judge accused officers of having a "dubious record" over the "coercive interrogation" of the former Guantanamo Bay detainee. Lord Neuberger said some officers had been less than frank about what they knew about Mr Mohamed's ill-treatment.

The paragraph in question explains how MI5 had stressed to a parliamentary committee that it "operated in a culture that respected human rights and that coercive techniques were alien to the service's general ethics, methodology and training".

Lord Neuberger's final paragraph says: "Yet in this case that does not seem to have been true: as the evidence shows, some Security Services officials appear to have a dubious record relating to actual involvement, and frankness about any such involvement, with the mistreatment of Mr Mohamed when he was held at the behest of US officials."

Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the all-party group on rendition, said the case showed that MI5 had also misled MPs: "The [Commons] Intelligence and Security Committee has been misled by the Secret Services on their knowledge of Binyam Mohamed's mistreatment.

"Every bit as troubling, the passages released yesterday reveal concern among senior judges that Foreign Secretary David Miliband may also have been misled by the Security Services. This would render the Foreign Secretary's assurances on rendition wholly unreliable."

So - MI5 lied; Miliband lied, and then the judge tried to lie. Even now that the truth is out it's couched in weasle-words to try to save political face for New Labour.

We do have to face the truth here - MI5 is a law unto itself. It lies o the government. It breaks the law. It seeks to cover up the truth. there is no reason to believe that this case is a one off - there is testament after testament from released prisoners that MI5 were involved in the torture.

Let's face it people - our government and its agents acts like a criminal neo-nazi state without regulation; they placate us with lies and cover-ups; and scare us with fictional or exagerated threats to manouvre public opinion in favour of removing rights, deceipt, secrecy, and illegal wars; they tell us we're like children who need to be protected from harm. We hide behind their skirts like little frightened lambs and thank them for it.

What we hear - the odd glimpse of reality from behind our own internal iron curtain - is just the merest glimpse of another world. A world where democracies are a sham, where secret governments rule and manipulate politicians like puppets and voters like sheep.

Who is really in charge? Why do we keep believing their crap?

Wake up people!!!

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