Friday, February 26, 2010

Save 6Music

If they shut down 6Music then I'm taking my DAB Radio back to the shop. Both of them!!

I've spent £100 odd quid on 2 DABs - at the time there were 3 or 4 promising sounding stations on the air....and a few in the pipeline. this was about 5 years ago. Since then only two of those promising digital stations remain on the air and none of the new ones came about. So I spent £100 for a radio which was effectively for listening to one station.
That station was 6Music. I also listen to Radio2 and Radio4, but you don't need a DAB set for those.

The end of 6 Music will spell the end of decent music radio in this country.

I quote:

"The Times claimed the measures are part of a plan, due to be made public next month, to shrink the corporation's overall services and focus more on quality over quantity."

In which case it seems odd to start with the station that plays the best quality music, with the best and most knowledgable presenters, and which continues to air the BBC's musical legacy of over 40 years, including the blessed John Peel Sessions.

Scrap radios one and two and not only do you save a lot more money, but the quality threshold will rocket upwards. Chris Moyle's and Chris Ebans' salaries alone should more than pay for 6Music's continued existence.
Looks like I need to join the facebook group.

Also if they close 6Music down, they're going to have to rename Radio 7.

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