Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stupid police

I do often wonder how stupid coppers really are.

This is from the Independent newspaper:

“His driving was so erratic I put my ‘blues and twos’ on and instructed him to pull off the motorway onto a slip road at Bowburn [County Durham]. I ordered him into my car, where he promptly sat on my sunglasses, breaking them. They were a Christmas present from my wife, who was not very happy.”

So the copper had left his sunglasses on his passenger seat and didn;t move them before he ordered the unpleasant drunk man to sit in his car. And the unpleasant man sat on his glasses. That is just stupid!!

This other story is far more serious:

Police failures contributed to the deaths of a couple shot by a gangland hit squad in Lincolnshire in a revenge attack, an inquest jury has decided. Joan and John Stirland were killed at their home in Trusthorpe in August 2004 in retaliation for a shooting by Mrs Stirland's son.

The jury found Nottinghamshire Police failed to share with their Lincolnshire counterparts, or properly act on, intelligence about the threat posed to the couple by Colin Gunn's gang.

Witnesses said the couple had been warned by police there was a threat but officers had not felt the Gunn gang were capable of murder.

The unanimous verdict also found that BT operators contributed to the couple's death by passing on information about them to Gunn and his associates.

Everyone makes mistakes but the arrogance of the police often prevents them from responding to criticism or learning from their mistakes. My own experiences of the police have led me to believe that as a service organisation they lack even the merest shred of good customer services. Antagonizing and winding their customers seems to be their unique way of handling things. I remember only one good experience of dealing with the police: an officer who became known as the cycling policeman of Clapham. He was, however, later killed on duty.

Attempts to report road incidents have almost inevitably led to my own threatened arrest. That's one way of keeping crime stats down. So I've given up trying now.

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bill said...

I always knew PC's were a bit dumb, I lived next to a 'police close' for years, but I never realised a DS could also be stupid enough to be a bigtot. Maybe the young ones are a bit worse, but the country deserves better.