Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Weather's looking iffy for Saturday's Dun Run. on the plus side, it should keep numbers down, and the wind is vaguely in the right direction too.

Think I'll get the waterproofs out of the cupboard for this one!

This message went out earlier - for those who intend to join the Dunwich Dynamo at the weekend:

From: Alex Crawford11:27am Jul 10
Stating the obvious but to those of you doing Dunwich Dynamo next weekend please circulate the following far and wide...
On the road to Dunwich, remind yourselves and fellow riders not to make unwelcome noise in villages, not to drop litter and to offer help to anyone in difficulty.

Read our FAQs too :) http://www.facebook.com/l/bAQBxYLUrAQA-hqWmeIwDH8sXVxOevivGUgPqGWdCmdqWYw/southwarkcyclists.org.uk/content/dunwich-dynamo
If you’ve read these before, please read them yet again for minor changes and darwins.

See you next week
Dunwich Dynamo

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