Monday, July 18, 2011

Ache day

I woke up aching. I barely managed to walk at first, but soon worked out how, though not without considerable pain. I don't normally try to cycle the day after the Dun Run but I had few options. Breakfast was excellent as usual here with bread rolls, croissants, cereals, and bits such as jam and butter. Then the cooked bit. And limitless tea and coffee.
I ambled into Aldeburgh. Stopped to look at pigs.

pig village

neighbourhood watch

I discovered short cut onto main road. Clever me - only took four years! Was in Aldeburgh by 11.

Beach; scallop; coffee; bookshop; fish and chips; pub for 2 hours while it rained heavily and I was done.
Found out what Broadside is supposed to taste like.
Was some serious way towards being drunk when I headed home in truly awful weather. I'd only had two, and it soon wore off. Didn't like it. Just don't like getting drunk any more, unless I'm somewhere safe.

I had an audience when eating my lunch

Something strangely Hitchockian about this bird

The controversial scallop

a rare plant

I sat and watched the waves, until a girl arrived with her three legged dog, then I felt too self conscious to keep hanging around, especially as she was rather nice looking - the girl, not the dog

parking facilities for one bicycle

rather interesting flooring material - a bit hard work for walking on though

Aldeburgh, just hanging on to land

There was only sporadic wireless all day and none at all now and I was enjoying an email correspondence with S. Oh well...

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