Wednesday, July 13, 2011

she lives in the castle

another day not on the bike. arrived at work in a frenzied state after becoming frazzled from horrendous bus/DLR/tube journey from Welling to Earls Court.

I was discussing what specific things I would be saying in a talk with some of our frontline managers, to explain our company environmental policy, acheivements, etc. and what we are doing, what they need to do, and how i can support them.

I plan to talk between 30 and 45 minutes. I've done this sort of thing lots in the past so it should be a doddle. I might get a bit of a hard time, some guys sneer in the face of environmental management, but i try to keep it strictly relevant and once i explain the advantages to doing it the right way, including costs, and staying legal, they usually accept what i have to say. some become positively enthusiastic. Well it happens from time to time. And they become a useful contact for me.

then the Picc Line back to Holborn for catching up with emails in the office. interesting stuff today. A procedure for changing chemicals that we use is being written and it just wasn't robust enough in environmental terms - so i requested that they beef it up, gave them the specifics, and quoted the bits out of the company handbook which were relevent.

The badger work will probably have to be postponed now. This is due to Natural England taking an age issuing a simple license, whcih is more or less a duplicaion of the license issued last year.

Heard that two dead badgers turned up on the Met Line today. Not my badgers, but a young one at Rickmansworth and another at Hillingdon, both killed by walking on the power rail. it's a real hazard for a young badger, and another reason why excluding them from the railway as much as possible is a good idea.

Just thinking about the benefits of putting in artifical tunnels and setts for them - leaving this in as a reminder to myself to check it out. a well designed sett might remove the need for them to cross the line at all.

Apart from that it was following up on bits and pieces, such as my response to trialling a pigeon scaring device and letting rlevant peeps know that I had so far failed to get a license for the badger work.

Two more days to go before my holiday - my harduous and soggy holiday cycling around the east of england for a week. The details of which will be posted here, with photos tweeted, to be found on my LaughingNoam account.

My podplayer at the moment has "Bleak House", and "War and Peace" on it as well as albums by Felt, Roxy Music, David Bowie, Jesus and Mary Chain (Peel Sessions), The Fall (Peel Sessions and Extricate), Catatonia, Housemartins (Peel Sessions), Smashing Pumpkins (Peel Sessions) and podcasts from Mark Kermode, Richard Herring, Danny Baker, some Radio Four stuff, and a John Peel show from the late 80s.

The Cat's Comment Is Free in the guardian

Been on Youtube quite a bit checking out the old tunes from my student days:
stump; fuzzbox; sugarcubes; jesus and mary chain; the fall; etc.

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Lexx - series 3
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Freddie Mercury in his ground-breaking transgendered role as Xev

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