Monday, July 25, 2011

Stour Valley Riverside Walk

 Looking across the estuary towards Manningtree, Essex

Manningtree, Essex


All the conker trees are dying


Beach towards Harwich

I stayed off the bike today to allow some recovery to occur. Walked 6 miles along the Stour. Some of the bank was seriously eroded, to the point where there was no longer a path and walkers were directed onto the beach instead.
I saw only 3 people - a girl walking a dog and a young couple. Although I did see people in boats go by.
Later, I cycled to the local shop - this was after I'd knackered my walking muscles, and still with blisters on my feet. Bought a little extra food including a pizza.
Cooked pizza and chatted to the other residents. Drank. Read the Paper and Tweeted.

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