Monday, July 18, 2011


After leaving Dunwich yesterday I wandered off southwards. Last year I went through Dunwich woods. This year I went across the Heath. The weather, which had been great suddenly turned violent and dark. Winds threatened to blow me into the sea at times as I wound a path between dunes and wetlands, getting ever closer to the shadows cast by Sizewell power stations A and B with C being built.
Barely moving as I forced my aching body to work the bike against the wind, inland, to Leiston.
In Leiston, where S and I once bought a pristine original Spong, the heavens opened. I took shelter in the doorway of a disabled loo.
It took me while to get to Snape Moatings past the pig farm and along the main road. The sun came out and then went in; more rain as I drank. My two pints of Wherry.
Arrived at the YH around 5.30. Lots of cyclists here and I recognised one. I was put in a family/disabled room even though I'd booked a bed in the dorm, though I'm not complaining.
It wasn't long before I was asleep on my bed. Two hours on the beach just wasn't enough.

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