Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gloomy Prospects For Dun Run 2011

Only 5 days to the Dun Run 2011. Am in preparation. Five days arduous not using the bike. I have found that resting my cycling muscles prior to a long ride works best. Fitness remains - I easily managed a 40 mile ride a couple of weeks ago which I know from past experience means I'll be OK.
This year I have GPS - on my phone, mounted on the handlebars in a waterproof holder. I've checked that battery will last me several hours and I have two so should do me I hope. Have a map and directions too just in case.
Have also got new bigger panniers. In them I will carry food, drink, and the odd necessity for a week on the road: waterproof jacket, one spare set of clothes, bank card, cash, batteries, water, camera, small towel, map, MP3 player loaded up with talking books (war and Peace; Bleak House; Richard Dawkins), phone charger. It sounds like a lot but it should easily fit in one pannier. The other pannier will be filled with 3litres of water, 2 flapjacks, 2 small choc bars, a rice based meal, a packet of jelly babies, some energy snacks.
This week I was hoping to pick up my badger work from last year. However, Natural England, reeling from government cuts, are taking an age issuing me a license. I've still got an outside chance of getting it going if the license is issued today or tomorrow. Otherwise it will wait till the week after next.
Its a good example of where government savings will knock on and actually cost public money somewhere else. These cuts just aren;t being properly thought through, though why should I be surprised by that?

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