Saturday, January 09, 2010

America's Worst Sheriff

According to Wikipedia:
"Joseph M. "Joe" Arpaio (born June 14, 1932) is an American law enforcement officer, and the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio, who promotes himself as "America's Toughest Sheriff," has become controversial for his approach to operating the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. He has a large number of vocal supporters as well as opponents. Arpaio continues to earn the support of Maricopa County voters who reelected him sheriff by double-digit margins in 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008. In 2007 a petition to recall Arpaio from office failed to gain enough voter signatures to get on the ballot.

"His practices have been criticized by organizations such as Amnesty International, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Arizona Ecumenical Council, the American Jewish Committee,[4] and the Arizona chapter of the Anti-Defamation League. The editorial board of The New York Times called Arpaio "America's Worst Sheriff".",0,3473496.story

All this has come to me attention thanks to this blog: "The prison blog of an Orwellian unperson" - click on picture below:
"Jon is Shaun Attwood, a British stockbroker and rave organiser formerly imprisoned in Arizona, blogging the prison stories of his friends inside, documenting his return to society, and campaigning against Sheriff Joe Arpaio."

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