Sunday, January 10, 2010

As I seem to have free use of the laptop today i have jettisoned all plans for a cycle ride - sick of snow and ice anyway - and decided to try to sort out my virtual affairs. I was scared off slightly by all the weather warnings but now it's been downgraded apparently. Hoping for significant thaw by tomorrow now.

I've revived my photobucket account as trying to organise and make use of my photographs has become a slight nightmare if that's possible. sometimes when you wake up only slightly perturbed - well that's how organising my photos has become.

My photos are spread all over the place - some on disc, some on an old hard drive, some on Smugmug and Flickr and Photobucket, and there's a load on my laptop, and my new hard drive. What I really need to do is put all the private ones on my hard drive and ones I want to share onto Photobucket. since I only have access to PB from home, and the connection is often slow or non-existent, it'll take a while to see through, but half the battle is having a plan and sticking to it.

Instead of posting all my pics on my blog or using Twitpic which is crap, I will post albums on Photobucket and link to them. I did consider moving to Flickr but tbh I have so many pics on Photobucket already I can't be arsed moving. Just need to remove slightly embarrassing personal ones first or sort out the security arrnagements.

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