Sunday, January 03, 2010

So far this year I've barely been out of the house. Two things happen when I go out: my cough gets worse; I spend money. Neither of these things are allowed to happen, so I'm staying in.

I'm back to work tomorrow though. And I have to be on time; it's the top management meeting, and unusually, I have things to say. I'll need a bit of preparation, two coffees, some breakfast, and a bit of panic and subsequent calming down time.

I intend to cycle in tomorrow too. The ice has gone and I have 7,000 miles to cover before the end of December. That's 30 miles a day for each working day of the year plus an extra 40 miles a month. It should be fairly easy as long as I remain disciplined.

It means I need to go to the Local Bike Shop (LBS) this afternoon for some rear brake blocks otherwise I'm buggered before I start.

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